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The Highland Sighthound

Big old landscapes and great wee spots,

all with a four-legged seal of approval!

Ledi ~ 30th April 2010 - 2nd May 2024

Scotland through the eyes of one girl and her dog

There are very few things I love more than jumping in the car with my dog and a camera and heading out for the day. Sometimes I know exactly where I’m going; sometimes there’s a vague plan; sometimes I just follow the weather or my nose…and we've discovered some of our favourite spots by doing that last one! 

Sadly, I had to say goodbye to Ledi in May 2024. Dear little dog, he brought me so much joy and love, I miss him terribly. 

I will be introducing a new sighthound in 2025, at which point I will start posting our adventures. Meanwhile, there's already a lot here to browse through...

Over the 9 years we were together, Ledi and I climbed mountains, ran along deserted beaches, took boat trips across well-known lochs and sailed over the sea to visit beautiful islands. We clambered across waterfalls, stared wild stag in the face, raced through woodland, frolicked in the snow and snoozed in sunny spots.


Scotland is both our home and our destination. 


So, here we go. From big old landscapes to great wee spots, here are the notes* from some of our travels together through the glorious Highlands. Enjoy!

* with some useful local information to help you get there yourself :)


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