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Ceannabeinne, nr Durness…and other North Coast beaches

October 2016

As far as North Coast beaches go, Sango Sands gets a lot of publicity – and it is lovely - but I almost prefer the smaller beach that’s just under 3 miles east. I should mention here that we’ve only been to the North Coast in October (twice), which is out of season, so pretty much all the facilities are closed. That means we’ve had the luxury of deserted roads, beaches and beauty spots. I’m sure it’s a whole other experience when the NC500 is packed *shudder*!

Sausage LOVES sand and a view, and Ceannabeinne gives you both. Before heading down to the beach, clamber up the feint little path that leads to the cliff that cuddles the right side of the bay and you get a lovely view of the immediate area:

The beach itself is nice and sheltered, with plenty of room to scamper about. Smashing spot.

The North Coast is much more rugged and blustery than the West Coast, particularly the further East you are. By the time you hit Thurso, you’re into cliffs and impressive rock formations and the sand has virtually disappeared. But here are another three North Coast beaches we’ve knocked about on, that I’d recommend are worth a visit:

Melvich beach. Beautiful, even on a dull day in October 2017.

Bet it’s gorgeous when the sun’s out.

Achininver on a VERY blustery day in October 2017.

Off the beaten track but worth the commitment!

Sango Sands, October 2016

Approach to Ceannabeinne (Google Maps)

All maps in the blog are from Google Maps



Getting there: Easy peasy. It’s right on the A838 – the main NC500 road – a couple of miles after you pass the end of Loch Eriboll, heading West.

Sat Nav: IV27 4QE

OS Landranger map: 9 CAPE WRATH Durness & Scourie

Terrain: Decent shoes if you’re planning to scramble up the cliffs.

Nearest facilities: In Durness, about 4.5 miles West. But I’d take a picnic if I were you.


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